Dr. Dylan Henssen
Radiologist in-training

Dr. Henssen started research early on in his studies, which led to him completing his Ph.D. in the departments of anatomy and neurosurgery simultaneously to graduating as a medical doctor (MD). During this research, he and his team discovered a new central pathway of the trigeminal nerve. He is currently training as a nuclear radiologist, with a great passion for neuroanatomy. 

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Dr. Stephanie Forkel

Dr. Forkel has worked in many different countries, including England, Germany, France, and the U.S. During her early career, she pioneered how neurovariability is considered a predictive factor for recovery after stroke. Nowadays, she is working as a principal investigator, theme leader and research group leader at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour. Among other things, she also holds numerous educational positions at universities throughout Europe. 

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