Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars

Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars is a prize-winning YouTube channel run by Stephanie Forkel. On this channel, you can find our Neuro Nijmegen playlist with lectures and videos of our activities. 

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Hersenolympiade Nederland Foundation

The Hersenolympiade Nederland Foundation aims to promote interest in and knowledge about neuroscience among high school students by providing teaching materials and organizing the annual Dutch Brain Olympiad.  

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The BrainHelpDesk helps to provide reliable information about the brain in understandable language.
Ask them a question, and they will find an expert in that field to answer it for you!

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Become a partner

Do you want to collaborate with Neuro Nijmegen or do you work with any initiatives that might benefit from working together with our foundation? Or are you interested in promotional opportunities for your institution / company?

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